Products & Services

At Total Security Management, we provide all your security needs including advice, installation, service and maintenance.

Security Systems

Total Security Management are experts in the installation of various types of security systems to suit your home or company's needs.

Electronic Solutions

Total Security Management sources equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers.  Our ability to independently select the technology solution that best suits your site management strategy means the customer is our first priority.

  • Access control
  • Building Technology Systems
  • Electronic security
  • Electronic site management
  • Video intercoms
  • Smart Card Technologies
  • Elevator and fire panel interfaces
  • Electronic door control
  • Property Protection
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Servicing of equipment
  • Medical alert equipment

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Total Security Management has many years of experience in the design and installation of site specific CCTV systems.  From monitoring production lines to maintaining surveillance of stock or remote areas Total Security Management can supply CCTV system solutions.

Site Protection

Total Security Management provides one point of contact for site protection requirements.

Site Security

Total Security Management has developed long term strategic alliances with proven high quality suppliers. 

Evacuation Systems & Employee Security

Occupational Health and Safety issues can often be resolved with sensible utilisation of electronic warning and monitoring systems. 
Total Security Management has worked with a number of industrial and commercial clients developing site specific solutions that enable legislative and local safety imperatives to be met.

Machinery Protection

Total Security Management we try to think outside the square.  When a major engineering firm needed to monitor the progress of a drill bit operating 30 metres underground, Total Security Management came up with a workable solution. Our genuine interest in problem solving helps our clients achieve their goals.

Service & Maintenance